Ways a Project Manager Elevates Your Design Project

Posted by on September 1st, 2016

Project management may not be directly related to design, but it can significantly affect how an entire project runs. A poorly managed design project can make or break your product. You may have the greatest designers in the world, but when there’s no proper coordination, it is inevitable that there will be miscommunication. And that could lead to a full-blown disaster. The success of any project relies on the relationship between all parties.

Enter the project manager. We may not have the ability to create the most beautiful of interfaces, but we know how to elevate a design project to ensure success.


Project managers cover all the administrative tasks, so designers don’t have to.

PM’s take the all the designers’ worries about things like the timeline and budget so they can devote all their focus on work. As a PM, I deal with checklists, schedules, e-mails – the works. I have a production line of activities. These things put me in my happy place. I get all these obstacles out of the designers’ way so they have the time and space to get creative.


Project managers pave the way for better communication between designer and client.

I serve as the point of communication between the designers and client for the non-design details of the project. It is also my responsibility to manage expectations between clients and designers. This way, I make sure that everyone is on the same page about everything at any given point in time.

As for discussing ideas and design, I step aside and let the designer do the talking. There’s no one better to explain their visual experience and design vision for the project than the designers themselves.


Project managers have a view of the fuller picture.

As a project manager, I have a bird’s eye view of everything happening at all times. This helps me to remove any foreseeable obstacles, take advantage of opportunities and make the project come together successfully. It also allows me to keep both the client and the team informed of what’s going on in the project at all times.

The project manager’s job is to create a memorable experience for the client. It is to make sure they are not overwhelmed, especially if they are not familiar with the design process. To achieve this, I create a system using different tools and methods. But at the end of the day, what’s important is that I listen to my team. Help them overcome obstacles as well as delivering a positive and meaningful experience to our clients.


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