Introducing HelloX: User Insights From Around The World

Posted by on February 27th, 2017

Starting a business is daunting. And how you start out can massively factor into whether your business succeeds. So it is best to start out on the right foot. Our remote design company, Melewi has been part of dozens of such journeys, working side-by-side with businesses from around the world. Over the years, we’ve shared and gathered a wealth of insights and processes. It’s now time to pay it forward.



What do you need to start up a startup?

Well, apart from a cracking business idea and ideally a core of fantastic people to help bring your idea to market – you need a wealth of knowledge and insights about your target audience and where you should launch your product.
Without these insights, you could end up launching in an area that has no serviceable market. You won’t know what type of content or social strategy to put together to sell it, to your desired customer base and you could be walking into a situation that will tie you up in unnecessary bureaucracy.



The Ultimate Q&A

Introducing HelloX: User Insights From Around The World

In January, we launched AskMelewiAnything – a free service where we give an hour of our time to startups and businesses to share our expertise and give guidance. Startups and established businesses from around the world are using this time to consult with us on everything from product strategy, to design review, to business model. No question is too big, too weird or too small.

And while it’s free, it is not a half-baked service that we have pulled together for good publicity.

This is a maximum effort affair. We genuinely care and want to give back. Without the help and advice, we received from business individuals, mentors and other startups we wouldn’t be where we are today – And now is our chance to pay it forward.


The result of AskMelewiAnything

With the popularity and success of AskMelewiAnything, we noticed a trend of questions geared towards how to gain insights into, not only the markets they are currently in but want to be in – As well as, how to understand on a detailed level the users who will hopefully take up their products.



Introducing HelloX

Introducing HelloX: User Insights From Around The World


Now, we’re launching another free service, HelloX: a ready reference of quantitative and qualitative insights from around the world.

Ever wondered “Is there a serviceable market for my product in a particular country?”, “What is it’s size?,” “What is the status of infrastructure in that country?” or “How about the attitudes of the potential buyers?”

Well, now you don’t have to – As we have those answers!!!

HelloX is the result of the MELEWI team having lived and worked in 14 countries (and designed for dozens more). It is our growing repository of insights and tips to help develop enterprises the world over. And we can help your business discover more specific insights about your users.


Introducing HelloX: User Insights From Around The World


HelloX is the perfect way to make sure you are getting off on the right foot and best of all we are always around to help (should you need a more personalised experience). Be it researching purchasing behaviours in Myanmar, or late-night food consumption behaviours in Singapore, or testing out investing workflows in the US – we can help validate your product with real customers.


Introducing HelloX: User Insights From Around The World


The best products don’t have to be understood; they understand. Get started uncovering all you need to know about the people who matter most to your business: your users.

And if you have exhausted all the free goodies on the site and want a more personalised experience – For $3.6K, we’ll interview five people in the market(s) you want, and deliver to you actionable insights in 2 weeks.

Want to talk more, or give us some feedback on insights that you would like added to the site? Drop us a line



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