Setting the right criteria to make hiring easy

Posted by on September 20th, 2018

The best people need to be won over.

Too many of today’s job postings sound like they’re doing candidates a favor by making a position available.

This method doesn’t attract the best job candidates because the best people will always have options. You need to be compelling — you should make your team stand out as the best potential option for that role.

Your job postings are an opportunity to show that you’ve built something other people want to be a part of.

Create the job listing that you’d love to come across yourself — what you believe in, what your values are, and what exactly you’re looking for. Go beyond what the role itself has to offer and instead show what you as a company can offer to someone that joins your team.


Determining if someone is the right fit

A good team culture is all about making sure your team is aligned. If you want to work efficiently and avoid stepping on each other’s toes, it’s vital to be on the same page.

That doesn’t mean you should go and argue about the formatting of a document, but you should all share the same overall mission as a team.

Being on the same page is different than being the same.

The first is crucial and the second is catastrophic.

Making sure your team is full of diversity is extremely important.

The Melewi team spans six countries and seven vastly different lifestyles, but we all share the same desire to create badass designs and collaborate with compelling new businesses.

As cheesy as it sounds, it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside as long as your team is happy on the inside.


When you’re interviewing, ask questions like…


“ What do you look for in a team you would enjoy working with?”

“Describe the most ideal way to collaborate with you”

“What do you need to create an effective work environment?”

How do you know if this person is “the one?”

It doesn’t matter how talented someone is if they don’t fit your team’s culture.

You might get tempted to hire them anyway, but if they’re not compatible, your team’s culture is only going to get dragged down.

Never sacrifice your team’s culture to scale.

Protecting your culture is far more valuable than taking on more work. Try to utilize trial products to vet how potential hires fit into your team before you sign a long-term contract.

Finding people with the right experience that perfectly fit your team’s culture is a lot easier when you set the right criteria during the hiring process.



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