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5 Videos on UX Design That You Need to Watch

When learning UX, what better way to do it other than from UX experts themselves?

People specializing in the field that also have experience in human interactions, psychology or graphic design have publicly shared their inspirational ideas over the years.

If you haven’t had the chance or curiosity to attend a conference on the principles of UX design, here are some great videos you can start with:

1. What is UX design?

by Matthew Magain

Matthew Magain is the co-founder of UX-Mastery, an online training resource for user experience designers.

Using his experience as an inspiration and his drawing talent as a presentation tool, Matthew created this short video on UX design for the general public. Whether you are an experienced designer, or you’re just on the path of learning about UX, this video will certainly bring about new interesting information.

2. Three Ways Good Design Makes You Happy

by Don Norman

An advocate of good design, Don Norman is the one you should be listening to when it comes to thinking and developing products for people.

We insist on the “people” part, as Don Norman knows more than a thing or two on how people interact with design. He began his career in psychology and cognitive science and now he is an expert in usability consultancy. So, if Don Norman says “I have the feeling that pleasant things work better,” we really don’t have any reasons to state the otherwise.

This TED talk is all about design, designers and for whom they are designing to. Moreover, it is about how the close relationship between these three main factors can ensure the success of a product and, thus, the happiness of the user.

3. Design is in The Details

by Paul Bennett

Ideo is an award-winning global design firm that helps public and private organizations around the world to innovate through human-centered approaches. Sounds too pompous? Let us rephrase it: Ideo believes in creating for people. Simpler than that? Well, in the words of Paul Bennett: “Small is the new big.”

Creative director at Ideo and the author of this TED speech, Paul Bennett, believes that playful design can change the world. During his inspirational TED lecture, Paul reveals through the power of examples how designing in details is important.

He talks about how he contributed to clear and practical changes in a hospital’s interior design, based on what patients used to see on a daily basis. And this is just one piece of information Paul shares with the TED public.

4. What is Information Architecture?

by Mickey McManus

Mickey McManus reveals in two short videos how the concepts of “information” and “architecture” are practiced by MAYA Design. However, this doesn’t mean that UX designers can’t use this information.

McManus adopts a general approach to the terms “information” and “architecture”, that stand at the foundations of all types of designs. Several minutes of catchy sketches and simple analogies show how the importance of information stands in its message and how the architecture of the message can offer a great design.

5. The State of User Experience

by Jesse James Garrett

Jesse James Garrett is a user experience designer and co-founder of Adaptive Path strategy. His expertise in the field made him the star of several UX design conventions, as his speeches are somewhere between inspirational and highly informative.

Although I honestly believe that “best things come in small packages,” this 40-minute UX Week presentation from 2009 is clearly an exception from the rule. Analyzing the state of user experience from its first steps to its newest challenges, James Garrett explains in simple terms the UX universe.

He talks about the four dimensions of experience (Perception. Action. Cognition. Emotion) and how their interactions can issue an excellent user-centered design. Have you ever thought about Beethoven as a successful user experience designer? Because James has and his arguments are all present in the video.

Final words

You have seen Matthew Magain drawing the simplicity of UX design. Don Norman has talked about good designs and happy users. Paul Bennett believes that simple details make big designs. Mickey McManus finally explains information architecture. And Jesse James Garrett takes us through the journey of user experience development.

So, what is UX design for you?

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