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The 20 Best Christmas Gifts for UX Designers (2017 Edition)

20 of the best gifts for any UX designer you may want to bestow a present upon.

What do you get for the UX designer in your life? They seem to know exactly what they like. And from a quick peek at their desktop, they already seem to have a ton of gadgets.

So what would make the perfect gift for UX designers?

To help you out on this special occasion, we’ve gathered a few ideas from our very own design team. Here are 20 of the best gifts for any UX designer you may want to bestow a present upon.

1. 99u Manage Your Day-to-Day

US $6.99

Being a UX designer is not easy. Sometimes, we find ourselves distracted and overwhelmed. And that’s why we recommend 99u’s Manage Your Day-to-Day to help the UX designer in your life to take on their professional stresses head-on.

2. Pilot FriXion Ball Clicker Erasable Gel Pens, Fine Point, Black, 3/Pack

US $8.49 – Image Source

UX designers are especially good at conceptualising things, and the best way to do it is by sketching them out on paper. So it is no wonder why pencil and paper are still the tools of choice for many UX Designers.

The Pilot Frixion erasable pen extends the toolkit so much more, and would be a welcome addition to any UX designer’s table.

3. Well-Designed: How to Use Empathy to Create Products People Love

US $10.54 – Image source

Have you ever wondered why mobile apps like Flappy Bird are so addictive that adults would happily walk into traffic just to get a new high score? Well, UX designers think about such questions day in and day out. Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products by the award-winning psychology blogger Nir Eyal will help them figure it out far quicker.

4. 11+ World Clock

US $35 – Image Source

Designed by the Korean design company 11+, the World Clock is a minimalist cylindrical timepiece that will serve a dual purpose for globetrotting UX designers. Not only will it make it childishly easy to adjust to 24 different time zones in a click, but the intelligence of its design will also serve as a constant source of inspiration.

5. UI STENCILS Everyday Carry Kit

Starts from US $39

The UI STENCILS everyday carry kit includes the most commonly used iconography and interaction techniques for all devices, from phone to tablet. It promises to make the life of a UX designer not only more efficient but also fun.

6. USERBRAIN Subscription

US $49/month – Image Source

The best gift a UX designer can receive are user insights. And that’s exactly what USERBRAIN offers, every week, in the form of videos of real users using their designs.

7. MUJI Wall Mounted Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio

UK £90.00 – Image Source

We can’t have a list of gifts for ux designers without an object from Muji. And this wall mounted bluetooth speaker is a great piece of aural and visual aesthetic for any UX designer’s work area. You might not realize it yet, but dancing to some music while wireframing is immensely productive.

8. Sketch

sketch-mac - ux designer
US $99 – Image Source

What more can we say about this app – it is a must have for all UX designers. It is the perfect tool for designing for multiple devices, and makes delivering assets a breeze.

As a company, Sketch‘s growth is out of this world; new resources and plugins are released almost on a daily basis.

9. Less and More: The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams

US $106.10 – Image Source

Dieter Rams is one of the most influential industrial designers of the late 20th century. He developed products that were, and are still, used daily by millions of people. This seminal book covering his work and philosophy is sure to provide inspiration to any UX designer, possibly for many years to come.

10. GOOGLE Home

US $129 – Image Source

Google Home is a voice-activated speaker that can be connected to the internet as well as other IoT devices. It can perform tasks such as controlling the thermostat and lighting, or playing music online.

To the UX designer, however, this technology is a treasure chest of scenarios waiting to be explored – and then designed for.

11. VANAMCO Device Lab

US $149 – Image Source

UX designers often have to test their prototypes on multiple devices, and that can be a logistical challenge. The VANAMCO Device Lab solves this rather cumbersome problem.

This stand can be set up in three positions, has a small desktop footprint, and can easily be transported from desk to desk. With this, you are gifting the next level of mobile and tablet testing.

12. REFOLD Standing Desk

NZ $200 – Image Source

Here’s another great gift idea for the UX designer in your life. This 100% recyclable, super-portable Refold standing desk is sure to boost his or her productivity and mood.

13. IDEAPAINT Create Clear

US $225 – Image Source

UX designers love to visualize their ideas. But what if they didn’t have to be confined to the whiteboard?

With the Create Clear kit from Ideapaint, any room can be turned into a brainstorming environment. The erasable wall-writing technology is bound to inspire the UX designer in your life to think BIG.

14. B&O Beoplay H7

US $399 – Image Source

UX work requires serious concentration. And these headphones from Bang & Olufsen are just what the doctor ordered for a quiet listening experience while working on some kickass designs.

We recommend the Beoplay H7 for its superior active noise cancelling and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity.

15. Rosenfeld Media (Library Pack)

US $399 – Image Source

UX is a fast maturing field, and that means there’s always more to learn about new processes and tools. The Rosenfeld Media UX Library Pack is an up-to-date and exhaustive set of 27 titles for the modern UX designer.

16. OCULUS Rift

Starts from US $599 – Image Source

Virtual Reality is truly a reality now! And it’s about to change the way we interact with computers.

When you gift a UX Designer an Oculus Rift, you are gifting him or her a chance at designing the next wave of human-computer interaction. The future is here.

17. iPad Pro + Pencil

Starts from US $799 + US $99 – Image Source

Undoubtedly a gift for someone you love very much (mostly because of its hefty price tag), the iPad Pro combined with the Pencil is arguably the most intuitive and speedy way to create design mockups. A perfect addition and huge treat if you are feeling very generous this holiday season.

18. MOGICS Power Donut & Bagel

If your UX designer friend is a frequent flyer, this tool will be a godsend for him or her. Touted as “the only power strip that fits in your pocket,” the MOGICS Power Donut & Bagel will keep all equipment charged and ready at all times. And who knows – maybe sharing it with a fellow traveler will lead to a budding friendship as well.

19. Headspace

Image Source

Let’s face it – being a UX designer is not easy. The constant demands on all ends and looming deadlines can prove a bit too much at times. To save your UX designer friend’s sanity, get him or her a subscription to Headspace, which will provide access to guided meditations, as well as courses to help with creativity and productivity. Happy friend, happy life, right?

20. LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt USB-C Portable Hard Drive

Image Source


If you’ve seen your UX designer friend’s laptop before, you might have seen hundreds of similarly-named files that look something like this:

Website Design Final Draft

Website Design Final Final Draft

Website Design OK Definitely Final Final Final Draft

Website Design Please Stop This Final Final Final Final Draft

So imagine his or her anguish if all the data in that laptop went kaput one fine day. It might be worth investing in something that will help keep that data safe even from the elements themselves – and the LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt USB-C Portable Hard Drive will definitely fit the bill.


We hope that this list will help you to pass on the joy of Christmas to your beloved UX designer friends! Let us know in the comments which items on the list you’ve chosen for them, or if we’ve missed out an essential gift idea for the UX designer(s) in your life that absolutely needs to be included.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Melewi!

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