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Alfacash UX

UX case study: Revamping an Awesome Crypto Exchange Platform

At Melewi, 2019 was a big year for crypto projects. We worked together with quite a few clients in the crypto & blockchain space, to design the UX for ICO landing pages, digital wallets, and not one, but two crypto exchange platforms. One of them that recently launched its revamped website is Alfacash.

About the company

As a company, Alfacash began its journey back in 2012 as a currency exchange platform. Not long after that, the team realized the huge potential behind cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, in particular, so in 2013, they started accepting BTC as one of the available options on the website. Litecoin and Dash were soon to follow. Through the years, the Alfacash team added support for more and more cryptocurrencies until the platform completely switched its focus to target exclusively the crypto market.

Scope of the project

After our initial meeting with the Alfacash team, it immediately became apparent what the main problem with the platform was and how we could improve its UX & UI design. The product was well-established (it’s been around since 2012), but both the brand and the look and feel of the web app were outdated.

This is what the platform used to look like

Apart from that, the user experience seemed a bit confusing at times. Exchanging cryptocurrencies is usually something more tech-savvy people tend to do, but the process of buying/exchanging currencies was still a bit unpolished. Something the Melewi team could definitely help out with.

Project structure

We agreed to start with a brand identity & logo redesign. We had our usual Design Blueprint workshop together with Alfacash to get a feeling of the company’s positioning, its target audience, and competition. This helped our design team to better understand what kind of visuals to create that would best fit their needs.

Our brand designer got down to work and after a few rounds of feedback and iterations, we had the new logo. To make sure the brand was consistent across channels, we created a brand guide that contained all brand attributes like colors, fonts, shapes, and detailed instructions on how to use them correctly.

Next was the UX redesign. We started by conducting a detailed UX Audit to identify all the pain points, and make actionable suggestions on what we can do to fix them. We presented the Alfacash team with a detailed list of user experience issues and several options on how we can move forward. After agreeing on the most effective strategy, we got to work to create the wireframes for the redesigned platform.

The Melewi UX Audit

Similar to the brand redesign phase, we went through several rounds of feedback to make sure we nail down the web app user flows, in order to create a seamless experience for crypto enthusiasts. We used the information provided by Alfacash during our initial UX workshop to always make sure we’re designing a process with specific user behavior in mind. Once we had the optimal wireframes, it was just a matter of using the brand attributes we’ve already designed to give the platform its distinct look and feel.

The final and probably the most challenging step was to design the UX & UI of the Alfacash mobile app. Unlike the web platform, the mobile app was something completely new for Alfacash, so we had to start from scratch. With the web app, we had existing user flows that we had to fix, but when designing the mobile app, we had to come up with the most efficient, secure, and trustworthy user experience.

Well, our whole team is super happy with the result and we can’t wait to see it live.

As of right now (late 2020), Alfacash has launched the redesigned web platform, but they’re still working on releasing the mobile app. Keep an eye out for it on the app store – it’s going to be awesome!

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