Rapid prototyping

The fastest way to know if your idea works

Sometimes it's best to "move fast and break things". Get a working prototype of your idea fast and validate with your target market. Once you have enough insights, go back to the drawing board and iterate if necessary or improve what matters.

Designing a minimum viable product

We'll work lean and fast to design a prototype of the most crucial features of your product. That way, you'll be able to showcase your idea in front of potential investors or test it out with your target audience.

Case Study

200+ apps created. Designed for 50+ countries in 6 continents. Millions of people reached.
Carepod web app

Carepod: the safest way to fly your pets

Carepod is a startup on a mission to ensure that pets can fly more safely and comfortably than ever before. We redesigned their internal dashboard platform used by the company’s partner airlines, such as Delta Airlines, for tracking customer’s pets and making sure they’re safe at all times.


Great Results
= Happy Clients 😍

"Melewi has been a fantastic partner. I like how they were personally invested in our product, and would actively reach out when they saw something on our site or app that they thought that we could do better. Their entire team is creative, passionate, and very easy to work with!"
Jeffrey Liu

Jeffrey Liu

Cofounder & CEO

"Melewi is an awesome partner to have on board. They've owned our vision; and inspired, challenged and given life to WeInvest. With exquisite taste and a critical understanding of our users, the team is fun, sassy & professional!"
Bhaskar Prabhakara

Bhaskar Prabhakara

Founder & CEO

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