UX Audit design analysis

UX Audit

The Melewi UX Audit Framework
(Timeline: 2 weeks)

Sometimes you want to take things step by step. Or maybe you don't have the budget for a complete redesign right now. Let us analyse your design and prepare a comprehensive report that you can always refer back to.

A design analysis done right

Not interested in a full redesign?
We'll analyze your existing product design and tell you what's wrong with it. With the Melewi UX Audit you'll get the full picture of what works and what should be improved.
You decide when the time is right to make those changes.

UX Audit design

1. UX Workshop

Understanding business and user insights and goals to create the perfect product strategy and roadmap to achieve them.

UX Audit design

2. UX Audit preparation

Preparation of primary user scenarios and user journeys, in order to determine which ones will bring most value in testing.

UX Audit design

3. Testing user journeys

User testing is critical to any business, and in this phase, we talk to potential real-life customers to get feedback and validation.

UX Audit design

4. Design evaluation & documentation

Compiling our findings into a comprehensive design report, which your team can use at any point to improve your product's success.

Case Study

200+ apps created. Designed for 50+ countries in 6 continents. Millions of people reached.

Audvisor web app

Audvisor: professional advice from leading experts

Based in Silicon Valley, the founders of Audvisor, both with decades of experience in business and self-improvement, wanted to create a product to provide people with access to unlimited knowledge from the palm of their hand.

We created the mobile app wireframes from scratch and came up with a beautiful user interface and innovative interactions that matched the disruptive product idea.


Great Results
= Happy Clients 😍

"Quality. Versatility. Results. From concept decks to mockups to fully-interactive prototypes, Melewi delivered superb quality and creative thinking at each step of the way. The final output was beautiful, and Samsung was lucky to be able to attract such a strong design team."
Boris Masis

Boris Masis

Product Manager

"Melewi is an awesome partner to have on board. They've owned our vision; and inspired, challenged and given life to WeInvest. With exquisite taste and a critical understanding of our users, the team is fun, sassy & professional!"
Bhaskar Prabhakara

Bhaskar Prabhakara

Founder & CEO

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